Retrofitting HRC, Battagram

Client : Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Date : 2006

Online : http://shacc.ch/node/488

The building in Battagram that SDC selected as Housing Reconstruction Center (HRC) has been constructed 1950 in colonial style. The house has been partially damaged through the October 05 earthquake. The concrete lintels above windows and doors broke. In addition the center wall cracked seriously.

SDC was looking for a local associate to retrofit this building and found in Dr. Qaisar Ali (University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar) a competent partner. In close cooperation the described retrofitting strategy was developed.

In a first step the damages were restored. The lintels were replaced and the center wall dismantled and rebuilt. Cracks and gaps were filled with cement mortar.
Secondly Iron mesh on both sides of the wall was bolted with steelrods to prevent wall panels and joints from collapsing.